I’m standing today at a cliff’s edge

Aware that you watch me from afar

I itch to turn and run and take flight,

Maybe put some physical distance to

Rival the spaces between our souls.

I haven’t been the same since yesterday,

And I know you see it too,

Because the ground under us is

Shifting, rumbling ,moving, settling in

And I don’t know where I’ll fall from here.

But I have this breeze, this book, this sun,

And I have my own two feet to hold me up.

I’ll write about this someday too,

In delibrate words and delicate font,

On soft, fancy parchment; wrapped

In the smoothest ribbons, edged with lace.

I’ll send it over to you, maybe in ten years,

Have you thought about a future apart too?

Goodbye, me, yes; goodbye me.

I should shed this skin now, accept another.

I should run and take flight now,

And so I will.

Goodbye, me.

I’m off the cliff’s edge now  .


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