#Day 1901: Sink Or Swim

I was but a mere child,
When I first stepped into a cavity;
Large enough to hold me.
The sea took me in when I had
Nowhere to go and no one to be;
The waves touched me and ran away,
The sand clung to me and didn’t stray.
I am now grown, if you were
To look at me from the outside in.
But my mind wants a longer
Stretch of youth, another shot at
Being incapable of adulthood.
And it may seem like I’m sitting,
In the water, taking the gentleness in;
But I am, in fact, giving to it.
I’m giving away my ache, the rough
Pausing of life as it dredges on;
I’m reading to it my quotidian troubles,
The tales are excruciatingly mundane.
And I’m having difficulty staying afloat;
And thus, I’m going to let myself go.
I will drink from this sea until there is enough of it in me to drown me,
I will drink from this sea,
Until it becomes me.


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