#Day 1072: Ordinary Moment

This is an ordinary moment.
I’m waiting at the bus stop. Its a Tuesday morning and it isn’t raining, so there goes the premise you were forming about a stormy morning and a sad girl who finds solace under a stranger’s umbrella.
I’m not hurt, not sad, maybe a little sleepy, maybe drowning in bills, maybe barely scraping through, maybe tired. But I’m not anything out of the blue. None of us are really. In a world of almost eight billion people, it would take something exponentially unique to create someone who wasn’t just a face amongst the others.
I wasn’t always like this, you know? I dreamt of it too. The unique parade of people on the metro every day, every one with a new charade, a clashing array of colours; variety being the spice of life.
But it changes, with time, with the people on the metro becoming familiar faces instead of strangers with strange stories, with me starting to notice a pattern in how the girl in the red boots read her books, with the old man never coming on board on a Thursday, with my hair always being unkempt on a weekend. The chaos sets itself into an abstruse puzzle, and the pieces fall into place slowly.
That’s when I stopped taking the metro.
That, was an ordinary moment.
We face adversity like it’s another day and tolerate how it kicks us when we’re down as though its as natural as the coming and going of dusk and dawn.
We embrace success and its presence like it might last only a couple seconds, we cling onto those moments like they’re the epitome of our life, like we could die right after and it would have been a fulfilled life. But what if it wasn’t? What if, you were to do something even better, create a masterpiece not nearly as elegant as the next one, save someone’s life, love a stranger wholly? Then again, it’s “what if” after all. Every one has one or maybe far too many of those.
They’re all ordinary moments.
The bus stop, the metro, the traffic, the success, the fleeting memories of you..ordinary.
As I write this letter to you, I have no idea whether you’ll even read this or throw it away like I did your earnest heart. Your honest eyes and your kind, kind words. Your utterly ludicrous trust in the universe and its ways and your terrible chess skills.
I was an ordinary girl, and you made sure I escaped my ordinary, boring, two-dimensional world.
All I can think of now is what you said to me last night-
“Find me when the sun rises. If you still think you want me, we’ll figure this out. And if when you open your eyes, you don’t feel like you do now, close them again and pretend tonight was all a dream.”
That was not an ordinary moment.


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