#Day 1066: Show And Tell

The curtain sometimes falls,
And the show does not go on;
For your stage is poorly lit,
Your audience misinformed.
I am the sole performer in the
Lies I am living; a production,
So extravagant, its appalling.
Between who I am and who I should be,
There has always been a layer of niceties,
A bridge I have been taught to walk across,
Daintily, elegantly, without being me;
Will you ever welcome my indecency,
My shrewd loud colours?
Will you drown my life in the river of-
‘this is how it must be’
There is no compromise to make for
The sound of our souls singing;
Proud, loud and unforgiving.
There is no halfway walk to finish,
No appropriate manner to fulfil this;
This length of time on one mortal planet.
And no matter how long or short,
You will clap when I am done;
Because sometimes the show,
Will go on.


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