#Day 1057: Cosmology

I have looked at you countless times
Dressed in the fabric of effortlessness
But how am I to keep my thoughts to myself
When your back looks like a plane of glass,
Begging me to drum my fingers across it.

I look at you often, slowly slipping,
Out of bed, out under the moonlight,
I watch as you’re bathed in the
Colours of streetlamps and night;
Soft and untouchable, so far away.

I sit by you as you stir your milk,
Freckles adorning your skin like stars;
And even in your state of drowsiness
You remind me of a freshly formed drop
Of dew at dawn, mild and soothing.

I love everything about you, stars and space
The quiet peace you bring with you,
The endlessness, the possibilities;
The need to be explored; an urge in me,
As I watch you become one with the sky.


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