#Day 1042: My Name Comes From You

You have touched me and I have grown
From a fleeting barely there caress
To an embrace that makes me aware of
The nerves in my neck, that resonates in my soul.
But slowed down and insufficient,
You’re breaking and collapsing
And I’m not enough to put you together again,
To stitch you a sheet of comfort, to hide all of this.
And my threads are thinner than ever,
Weaker as I knot them over and over,
Desperation gnawing at your frayed ends.
But incompetent and overwhelmed,
My fingers shake as I pull you through,
And you wake up cocooned and safe,
This winter might last us a few years more;
But the quilt and the quiet will keep you warm.
And so I take your leave, Kashmir;
My breath heaving and your arms,
Luring as ever; I take your leave, my love,
So stay radiant for until and after I return.


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