#Day 950: Living Genie

I laboured to understand her, I did
But she walked with an air
I didn’t dare taint by my breath
With her head held high
And her stance intimidating.
I itched to unravel her, I did
But she was eccentric, a tad unreal
And I was mundane, mostly repetitious
Often forgotten in the daily grind.
I knew of her, I knew her, I wanted to;
So when she skipped by me
In a three-two-three routine,
I watched in awe, how her feet sang.
She was witty; an enticing companion,
I was lured in by her frenzied voice.
My wanton, lonesome decadence
Was but a shadow of her pure energy
And I bathe in the feeling of her-
Rather shamelessly, because she alone
Can draw out in me, a carnal need
To live without doubt or tribulation,
An instinctual desire to devour intimacy.


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