#Day 931: The Science To This


    There are twenty seven bones in your hands, beautifully structured to hold together my world, I tell her. The skin that protects them is softer than the inside of a rose, a comparison I bring often, just to see you roll your eyes at me. Your eyes, my dear, your eyes. I never had read anything romantic about brown eyes but yours are chocolate and honey and they make me want to drown in the depths and as you blink and your eyelashes flutter ever so softly, and you look so delicate, like my touch alone could shatter you, the innocence in those eyes, my love, it has driven me insane. I memorise the slant of your nose, the curve of your chin, the edge of your cheeks and the bow of your lips. Your lips, so intimate, so sure of themselves, so stubborn and so absolutely enticing. And I run my hands down your arms, nimble but so strong, a lesson I learnt when you beat me at the arm wrestling game we played that night. Do you remember? I stop at your wrists and lightly press against the pulse that keeps you here, the pulse that reminds me that you are in fact human and not nymphical, the pulse that reassures me that I did not imagine you. That of course, would be commendable because I don’t think I could conjure someone like you from the depths of my conscious. Oh, you arms. They come together to form a warm blanket for me as they join at my nape and your forehead rests on my chin. Your hair shifts when I cradle your head and the softness is like fluttering butterflies on my skin, like a pure white silk bedspread, the tempting kind, the kind that you want to lay in forever and sink into. There are thirty three vertebrae in your spine and I ghost my hands up and down your back as you nudge your face into my chest, snuggling closer to me. Your waist is gentle, but it makes my heart race and my fingers ache for contact and your legs hold me up just as much as they do you, and your feet are stronger than so much, your toes nimble and tiny. I imprint in my head your scars and the littlest of scratches.
I never could’ve thought that one person had the power to create storms in me but every bone in your body makes me ache for your touch, every thought in your brain makes me draw you closer, every kindness in your soul keeps me standing next to you. I want to make your body talk, I want to be the one that keeps your blood singing, a constant slight humming with every breath you take, I want to be the reason your muscles clench, your head spins, your throat burns with need. I want to make you aware of every vein that maps and winds around your body, I want to make your skin tingle with anticipation.
I can’t quite calculate how we got here, the science escapes me, but I know that the inception of your body came long after the birth of your soul, and you call to me in a primal manner, a manner that incites in me an out of body experience, a manner I recite in moments of weakness.
I’ve given myself to you truly, mind, body and soul, and I’ll always stay close enough to wrap myself around you, always stay close enough to know that if I lift an arm it would grace your shoulders, always stay close enough to hear you breathe softly, holding my world together.


4 thoughts on “#Day 931: The Science To This

  1. There’s more of you , to be brought out . Close your eyes and shake your head and write things just one more time . ♡
    Well , I shouldn’t be saying this cause I’ve been procrasti-writing for six months now , and I have two hundred and seventy three pending notes . God !


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