#Day 923: Thieves

“Listen closely, you hear me?” he told me
“I was once like you, naive and cold
Separately walked down all those roads
Kept my distance from all those who
Once were the only ones I could turn to”;
He huffs and sits on an old brown couch,
“But now my body’s slowing down,
There isn’t much of youth to go on.
So keep your fingers on his face
And relish the way your fifth drink tastes.
When you’re robbed of energy and
Enthusiasm comes only in soft waves,
You’ll miss everything your mama gave.”
I watch his eyes flutter in distaste
As he dips his hands in a memory,
“I was rich once, too, mon chéri.
My wealth was immeasurable, my
Lips kissed many, my feet walked miles.
But I’m in a bed, seeking nothing but
The freedom of age. I’m rich no more,
It was taken away, ripped out of me.
So steal time for yourself from these hours
And lay in a strange room with music-
You can sing along to with kids like you.”
And I leave him in his world, humming;
“Theft of time is an exceptional crime”


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