#Day 900: Burning

I am shameless in my need for you
Unapologetic in my craving
But your touch used to send
The blood in my sickly veins
Rushing to my cheeks, colouring them
Like I was nothing but eleven.

I wake from my sleep and turn to
Find in the darkest hours
A lonely bed and cold sheets
I can only faintly think of when
You sought me out and held me
Until your warmth seeped into my icy feet.

I sip on weak tea as dawn breaks
Unable to calm down as the sun peaks
The unrest in me only gains until the
Night falls slow and shadows grow
And I hold in my hands, strong bitter coffee
So unlike how your lips made me feel.

I  flit across the skin naked on my thigh
A feather like, barely-there touch
The caress only a slight rendition
Of how you traced constellations on me
Setting my anxious nerves on fire,
Burning my insecurities down slowly.

And so I stay and so I exist
And document only the passing days,
Unaware of the shedding leaves and
Incapable of any other ways.
I stand by my words from ages gone,
A somber fire of love does persist.


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