#Day 836: Undiluted Temperament

I’ve watched you sit in swing sets and

Talk to me about your Dad’s old camera;

I’ve sat next to you when you drove

Your mom’s old pickup truck to prom.

I’ve seen you smile at family photos

And I’ve held your hand at their funeral.

I’ve held you until you were done crying,

And I’ve I watched your smile ebb away.

But what I didn’t expect to hear,

Was the words you’re now throwing at me

And they feel locks rocks on windows;

Breaking down my shields painfully.

It’s like screaching chalk on blackboards

The way you’re screaming at me.

It didn’t all go to waste, did it really?

We found something pure, a little

Uncut diamond mine, and something

You probably deemed chaotic.

We were effulgent and far too bright,

An undiluted cocktail, heady and strong.

But who could’ve predicted,

It would’ve gone down all wrong.


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