#Day 801: Snowflake Capsule

I shiver and cough but I trudge through
And all I can think of is how it was for you
To live here for months at a stretch
Before the cold took first your toes
And then your fingers, one at a time.
I shuffle through the endless white
And stare into only more of the same.
But I remember how you looked,
When you came home and burnt a finger,
Like it was a foreign concept, alien to you.
I know it took your mind from me,
Growing stranger as the winter came upon us.
I’m sitting on the deck as it pours down,
My nose is blue and I have a headache.
But all I can imagine is how it felt to,
Be buried under seven feet of this cold.
You were gone before I could breathe warmth
And as I lit your pyre that night,
The last heat that would touch you,
I think of how warm your hold was
And how we had a spark that lit in me a fire,
A fire that is keeping me warm on this porch.


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