#Day 779: Solitude Looks Real Good

If there is one thing that most people can easily gauge of me, is that I’ve been an extrovert all my life. I talk a lot. Conversation is a very very important part of my life. Anyone who can engage me in mildly interesting conversation and listens to what I have to say leaves in me a memory.
Naturally, I have a lot of friends. Well, not friends, really. Acquaintances. People I meet everyday. People I’m on good terms with.
Today, however, I’ve reached a certain situation where I don’t like any of these people. It scares me because I do not like silence, it does not give me any sense of fulfillment. I do not appreciate sitting alone I’m a crowded room, it makes me feel empty. I detest a lack of communication between me and everyone else, it hollows my mind.
Today, however, I want to rejoice in solitude. I wish I was someone who didn’t need people, someone who did not crave company. I wish I could be alone and not lonely. But the truth is, I hate everyone I have to spend my time with. I invest a lot of me in the lives of others and they disregard all that I am when the tables turn.
Solitude looks real beautiful right now and I believe I’m on my way to this gated community of silence, peace and no expectations.


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