#Day 746: Stay In The Wings


“What do you remember of happiness?”


“Its been so long..I don’t think I can.”




“Talking to someone and not fearing a judgement. I don’t recall the last time someone who spoke to me didn’t make me feel any worse than I already felt. I see it in their eyes, when they look at me. A pity. Like I’m a little animal who can’t walk well. When they talk to me, I fear what their purpose is. I can’t bring myself to tell you how I feel when they ask me questions I don’t want to answer. When they know I can’t answer them, they judge me for my silence. It feels like I’m a disheveled art gallery. You come to watch me and when you find my pieces to be scattered, you walk past the hurdles and out again.”


“You know you think too much, don’t you?”


“I’d rather not think at all.”


“You’d be wasting a beautiful mind.”


“I want for nothing. Wasting my mind seems so much more appealing than taxing myself into being everyone’s idealistic model. Would you rather be alone and happy or omnipresent and overworked?”


“That, is precisely why you are sitting here today. You want to be omnipresent and happy. You forget however, that to be in the public eye, one must work hard to stay happy.”


“I’d like to stay behind the curtain for a while.”


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