#Day 667: A Song Of Sight

Sing me a few lines from your ballad,
I see no colour in the sky.
The lights don’t shine anymore,
But you paint me a memory every night.
You fill my hours with melodies and
I know not of pictures with frames and shades
But you tell me of everyone who looks like
A dream, I see now their faces at night.
Call me, would you, tonight?
The phone hasn’t rung in a very long time.
The silken tone of your voice, is a rich violet.
And red is rage and ache, you and I are pure.
Yellow is heat and orange is the loneliest
Hour of the evening I feel today.
I’m sitting by the phone, I’m waiting for you
To dress my silence in shades of blue.
But my favourite tune is what you call a rainbow
The touch of your gentle musical fingers,
Cupping my chin and raising me a song
Of how it feels to hold in your arms,
Seven colours and endless possibilities.


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