#Day 596: A Wave Of Thoughts

Waves have always reminded me,

Of 50’s music and dying bonfires.

They’re bittersweet memories,

Of endings and goodbyes.

I never really liked those either.

Flights that took people away,

Ships that sailed to never return,

Kites that were cut off in the auburn sky,

Bubbles that clicked at a little poke,

Balloons that popped all too soon.

I was always the last one,

To wish someone Goodnight.

For the ending of the day,

And the darkening of the sky,

Was another frail moment,

Going by faster than I wanted.

I believe its now safe to say,

Waves reminded me of

The last chapter of a book.

You’ve seen it flutter by,

But you never really knew,

That the crashing of a little water,

Would leave sand on your toes,

And a heaving wreck of dust,

From the touch of an eager wave.



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