#Day 575: Russian Romance

“Well, why would you want to be with me anyway?” I say with disdain as I sit on the porch.

He turns around and looks me dead in the eye, and says with all the withdrawal in him buried by his insane love-

“You’re a goddamn cigarette, you know that? You fill me with regret and you’re killing me every kiss at a time. But I’ll always want you against my lips because you’re the best I know. You’re a fever that burns through me and makes me weak, but bloody hell, you’re worth it.”

“You’re like the onset of winter. I want you and I need you and I can’t wait for you to get closer. But shit, you’re annoying and cold. You set ice through my veins when you set your wrath down on me and however hidden I stay, you sneak into my mind. But when I hold you tightly, you melt in my arms and flow through me.”

“You’re a dying breed of women, and God, I can’t resist your voice. It’s the summoning of my heart. You could stand a hundred steps and whisper my name, and I’d run to you. You could stand right next to me and shout your mind away, but all I’d hear is how much you love me.”

“And don’t you deny it. I’ve seen you pour me a shot when I come home from a rough day, I’ve seen you dance around in my shirts. I’ve seen you frown at me when I refuse to do the laundry. I’ve heard you tell me you love me in your dreams, baby. You never say it when you’re awake, but the words you say at night are the words I cling onto. Don’t you tell me you don’t need me. You kiss me like a flame and you fight me like a wrestler. You’re intense and you’re stubborn and you’re a terrible terrible liar. You’re my storm, you hear me? You’re my tornado of emotions and you will always pull me in.”

“You may call fate a cock and bull story, but, listen to me when I say this and remember it. I’m building our love and you’re living it with me. You’re my Russian romance.”


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