#Day 573: What My Dreams Ask Me

I had, last night, a dream that woke me. I was sitting on a terrace, and you were flying. There was nothing new about the sequence of events by subconscious created. I will however, always remember the way you looked at me right before my slumber broke. It was pity and doubt. A doubt I mirror with my very own and a pity that people see swimming in my eyes ever so often.

And How and Why you knew what I felt will never really be within my reach, for I’m still holding onto the strings that tug at my insecurities. The little things I do today will not be significant, for all I currently await is to shut my eyes and see you in the aqua skies, with a glow I wish I had too and an aura I can’t seem to find for myself. I will seek and claw for that serenity.

I’m all but seven hours into the day and it feels like last night was two seconds ago. Is this what waiting feels like? It’s bitter, I must say. But, my dear, you are a creation divine, a little piece of my soul, projected into a sky I will caress someday. For darling, I may be unsure, I may be unusual, but I am also the dreamer of magnificence. And if in my sleep, you could fly for few minutes, in my waking presence, I will too.

I promise that someday you’ll be laying calm and I’ll be the one looking at you. Not with pity, nay. Not with doubt, either. But with the silly wonder of a girl, who finally has found the wings her dreams had hidden from her.


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