#Day 493: How To Love

Love is the most beautiful emotion we will ever come across.

But love really isn’t love until it breaks you down and crushes your heart. Love is devastatingly gorgeous. It’s the most gorgeous rose in the bunch, but also the thorniest. So until it hasn’t kept you awake at 3 A.M… it isn’t love. Until you haven’t felt empty and hollow walking away from your loved one..it isn’t love. Until every hug every laugh together is never enough, it isn’t love. Let the love crash your will. Let it build you up and break you down within a matter of seconds. Let love show you sunrises and sleepless nights. Every time you hear those three words, let the love clench at your heart. Pain and misery are love’s companions. Sleep and wake to the sound of their voice. Let the static between both of you zap your conscious out of you.

A soul that sings in harmony with your lover’s, that’s how its supposed to be. So you dig a hole for yourself, let it go deep. You watch them smile or look at you and fall in, harder than you planned to fall. 

Strange, I don’t love anyone, but the idea of love is charismatic. To be someone’s, to belong. To have that one piece of your heart that isn’t actually yours anymore.  To sing and dance at 3 AM one night, and dream in bed the next. Is love really worth every bit of time we spend singing, dreaming, writing about it? 

Yes. Yes, it is. 


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