#Day 463: This Is For The Future Me

Stay Beautiful.

You’re a creation of magic and stardust. The cluster of dandelions you’ve always wanted to hold now lay on your head in a crown. You’re a warrior princess. If you’re reading this, you’ve survived a lot. A lot of people, a lot of trouble. You’ve survived plenty years and the apparent apocalypse. You’ve survived trigonometry and inflation. You’re still standing tall in those heels, you’re still wearing those round pink sunglasses and you’re still a Grammar Nazi. You’ve spent time at coffee shops and eaten enough cheesecake, but it’s never enough. You’ve had that rad party and you’ve bought that leather jacket, You’ve blogged your life. You’ve take a selfie with a star and probably learnt to drive. You still can’t ride a cycle. Hopefully, you’ve lost that ton of weight. You’ve gotten rid of your glasses and grown out your hair. You’ve read the entire George R.R. Martin series and watched each and every episode of Supernatural. You’ve probably learnt how to use Torrent successfully, and have a healthy body. You’re working your way to that thigh gap. Keeping in mind all of this, I hope you’ve gotten past your insecurities or at least made the best of them. I’d like to imagine you’ve decorated your room the way you wanted it, black walls and tumblr lights.

Stay Beautiful. 


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