#Day 427: The Polaroid Lies

“In memories we keep hidden,
the pain and the happiness.
In those frozen moments,
Lay the silenced troubles.”

Have you ever sat and gone through those old photo albums late at night? You turn the page and ‘oh look, you were so cute’ goes to ‘oh I haven’t spoken to her in so long.’ And there lays the coffee turning cold, the cookies forgotten. We dig up our past, and the beautiful memories that come with the camera roll.

So that developed film can never replace digital photography. Those polaroids can never take the place of selfies. You remember when 16 year olds would sit around waiting for the album to be passed around? Can’t even say good ol’ days.

Stained polaroids lie.
That smile on his face with arm around you, is a lie I’d have guessed if only the future we knew. That girl who’s hugging you from the back. Watch the things that spill right from there, behind your back.

Stained polaroids are beautiful.
That ketchup stain on that picture of you with your first bouquet, that’s what love felt like. A magical scar on your heart that will tug at your emotion. That capture of the moment you and your best friend went maniacal laughing your stomachs into pain..that picture is something you’re gonna cherish.

Stained polaroids.
That picture stuck at the back of your diary will always be there. You own that memory and its your forever.

Never forget the person you used to be. Never forget where you come from. Never forget the people you knew. Never forget.


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