#Day 409: The Letters I’d Write

The people who changed me are today either memories or a work in progress. I remember them clearly..and always will.
My first best friend, Shivika Kumar. We lost touch more than a decade ago. But her pigtails and the sleepovers we had will always remain the best memories from Chennai.
My dance instructor. God knows where he is today…but without his baby steps I’d have 4 left feet instead of two.
Fast -forward to 2nd grade. She’s still around, but I miss her incredibly. My teacher. Her words, her eyes, her voice. A mother to me in her own right. If I can write a few words with a little talent..its because she taught me well. She taught me so well..and she still does.
The people I’d like to change. We may never even have crossed paths, and they’re all anonymous.
To the depressed- Trust me, it’s a beautiful sunset. But when the sun rises again…what you see is incomparable.
To the struggling-
I’m so proud of you. You will walk the path of sticks and stones and conquer the forest.
And for my last letter? To myself. It gets better. There is love and there is kindness in the world. There is that wild fire burning down your problems while you water them away. Trust yourself.

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