#Day 403: Being A Stormchaser.

It always starts off as a beautiful morning.
…..and then, it rains.
So, yay? Nay.

I read too much, and every now and then, I come across something that makes me want to type out those words of wisdom (or not really).

It seems as though we’re all (I speak for the X-chromosomal homo sapiens) looking for a certain Mr.Darcy or Mr.Grey…hold it right there, ladies, and pray tell me, WHY?
Stay strong. Keep your head held high and walk away. Walk away from everybody who points at you or points you to xyz.
Let’s vow to ourselves our sanity and serenity. We’re beautiful. No matter color, no matter size, no matter shape, no matter your tongue, you are ALL beautiful. We speak our minds, we write our thoughts. We sing even if we sound like a broken bass, we dress the way we want to. We don’t fear our choices in music, we don’t listen to the narcissistic commentators. The people on the sidelines mean no shit, the people on the front stands hold no fort. We’ll change the conversation, we’ll write our own novel. We’ll stand up, we’ll dance to our own tune. We’ll be us. The most majestic, the best version of us.

You know why?

Cuz’ we’re the stormchasers.


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