#Day 336: A Frostbite Of Storms

Robert Frost once famously wrote,

‘Nature’s first green is gold;
Her hardest due to hold,
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so for an hour,
Then leaf subsides to leaf;
So Eden sank to grief;
So dawn goes to day;
Nothing gold can stay.”
Today, I choose to quote Frost.
Let me begin,
Let us begin.
They say, all fear is irrational and all pain is essentially the same. If I scrape my knee, it’s not my knee that hurts, its my brain’s rendition of pain. If I watch a horror movie and scream, its not the ghost I see, but the outcome I anticipate. So why do we hurt when people leave? Why, in the very first place, do we fear their leaving? 
It’s simple. Not all things glorious can be explained by science. There is this one tiny, yet vaguely gigantic notion that poets and authors, philosophers and romantics have thoroughly beaten up in the past few centuries: emotion. No science, no graph, no calculator can duly explain and predict emotion.
And that precisely is what makes us human. Our will and ability to feel. Now whether we act upon these feelings or we let them turn to ashen dust, is the choice we have been given.

We’re genetically engineered to feel. To hold in our palms the gold while we still can.


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