#Day 324: Femme Fiasco: A List

a. there’s something about the girl who wears those sneakers and plays video games. there’s just something about the way she doesn’t seem to be just another girl.

b. no, honey. we won’t keep calm. we’re gonna put our bitch face on.

c. teddies and pajamas, chick flicks and popcorn.

d. red lipstick, deep kohl. black pants.

e. we’re not just us. not just girls. we’re a storm with skin.

f. painted fingertips and scarred knuckles. disclaimer?

g. how about this. don’t fuck up and respect her for once?

h. sure, we can open the jar. so can you. or not.

i. it’s about being the flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

j. fatalities and accidents happen oh-so-often.

k. girlfriends always fight back well.

l. revenge? 


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