#Day 320: Summer’s Too Short

I left my heart in perfect mint condition, alone, to wash up on that platinum beach, touched only by the vicious tides. And every time the tide rolled in, it took a piece of me.

I walked along the seashore with the waves at my feet, and the sun kissing down on us like a feather. And all at once it felt like nothing would ever be enough because its all always too much and too little. No more than just the first time I met you, no more than the last time I saw you. It would never be enough, because it isn’t supposed to be.

I’m just the light on the cigarette filter, burning low and quiet, one end of the addiction of a person. I’m the night light. You may not say you need me, but maybe, deep down, you know you do.

And my life is french lace, all dainty and brittle. All you and I will ever be worth was written in the summer sand, under a summer sun, washed away on a summer evening. The wind speaks to me as I sit on the beach. the horizon creeps closer by the second.

Because, hey, unless it’s mad, passionate, crazy love, it’s a waste of your time. There are one too many mediocre things in your life, and your love for whatever you choose to love shouldn’t be one of them.

Life, love, books, words, your favorite drink, your favorite movie, your favorite person. You can never have enough.


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