#Day 314: At The Beginning

Sixteen years and I’m being asked today what I want my job satisfaction increment to me.

Excuse the profanity, but what the fuck.

It’s an age to have fun, right? But, NO, sorry not sorry. I, unfortunately, live in a country that has no concept of young adults. We’re either kids or adults. We either can’t do it at ALL or we HAVE to do it. I mean, whaaaaaa. So, in our age, we do nothing but study. Well, excuse me, but do I not have a life? Must I start thinking right away about how I want to feel when I’m working? Again, excuse me, but what the fuck. Time flies by, sure, but it’s not supposed to take you along with it. Or is it supposed to?

It’s a stumbling path, but hey, let me fall! I am in no mood to be perfect or to stand tall without any regrets. I will wake up someday, to a full-blown future, but today, is not that day. No. Right here, right now, I want to live a life of extremes and loud music, adrenaline rushes and fast cars. Long drives and slow sunsets ♥ It’s a very simple thing. I am no Peter Pan, but I’m just not ready to grow up just yet. I don’t want to drown in boring schedules and periodic stress attacks. NO. Today, I just want to be a sixteen year old misfit.

Maybe I just live in the wrong society. Maybe I’m just too different. Maybe I’m just not accepted here. I have been broken, but now I will not bend. I am me, and I live with a lot of maybes. So what? It’s my blood that’s coursing through my veins and my fingers that are typing the words I want to say. It’s my life.

So, not Neverland. Not Wonderland. Just me and the world I want to be a part of. There’s so much to say, but there’s also plenty of time. Who knows, right? I’m just sixteen, and this is just the beginning of my life.


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