#Day 307: Vows We Made: An Epilogue

Dear reader,

Here ends the vows and here is the beginning of the end. Thank you for sticking around for this trilogy.


He met her at the rehab center.

 He was a recuperating self-harm victim. She, a socialite who visited the center every Sunday. He lost his parents in a car accident and his sanity a few years later, when he was 21. His parents were his world. Family, meant a lot to him. He lost his strength without them. Gambling and smoking had worsened his strength and he gave them up in a few months. That’s when he cut himself. To ease the pain. To emancipate himself from all worldly suffering. Two years later, he saw her in the car, driving to the center. It was love at first sight for him. He enrolled a week later.

She saw him with a girl of 17, coxing her to let go of her pain.

It was love at first sight for her. She came from an extremely social family, a high-society lifestyle. She’d given it up at the tender age of 20, to build her own road. Always conscious of herself, she finally let go of all her bindings the first time she spoke to him.

Another two years later, he was out of rehab. They decided to spend every minute together, easing each others pain and giving back what the world had stolen.



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