#Day 303: Vows We Made II

Dear reader,
Welcome to part two. Now, the groom’s vows.


“I vow and I swear to accept that you are obsessed with poetry. I promise to keep in mind that you like your coffee bitter, that you need a clean kitchen and you don’t like sunny-side-up eggs. I vow to keep in mind why you hate being called “normal”. Why you have to have your books arranged in a certain manner, regardless of the space they take up. I promise to kiss you every second I can, because that’s something I will never tire of. I promise to wear my tie, but only when you knot them for me. I will always, and I mean it, always begin my day by waking up to your bathroom-singing. And I promise to love your twisted sense of humor the way you love my horrible jokes. I will try, until my last breath, to understand why you will never believe that you are truly beautiful. I promise you, that even if we never see our old age, I will love the goofy grin you give when Sherlock is on screen. I will bring you flowers every day, no matter how much you refuse you love them, I know you cannot deny their beauty.

And so, my dearest, I shall now be making you mine, to keep and cherish forever and beyond. I am simply, honestly, madly, in love with your entire soul. If I have been for naught, I have at least known the pleasure of holding your hand.

I love you, and hence today, I stand here, sacrificing my bachelorhood to tie myself to you forever.”


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