#Day 292: Vows We Made

Dear reader,
This is a two-bit post. First, the vows the bride makes. The second post is the groom’s vows.

There will also be an epilogue, duly explaining the vows and a little bit of the story.
Thank you 🙂


“I promise to be what you have in mind. I promise to bend to your rules and stand tall all the other while.
To honor your lies and protect your infamy. To calm you when we lose money, to pay back all your debts to the world. To stand in front of you when they come back and to hold your hand when it begins to shiver again. To look into your eyes when they’re red every morning, to smooth down your hair whenever you come out of a shower. To button your shirt to the collar just the way your sister did when you were kids. To make you Eggs Benedict on Thursdays just like your father would. To keep all the inflammable medication out of your reach and to heal your wounds as best as I can. To never say ‘goodbye’ , to always say ‘I’ll see you’. I will, now and forever, pick up your socks when you leave them lying around. I’ll never laugh at the fact that you can’t touch your toes bending down. All right, I will laugh at that. I will belong to your heart, as you shall live in mine. And our love will defy what was once very famously written by Shakespeare in The Tempest: “Love is not love that alters when alteration it finds”.

And so I stand here today, in the shadows of your arms, surrounded by your aura, wrapped in the waves of this ridiculous dress you insist I wear, “Tradition” you call it. I shall in a few seconds be putting upon your finger a little beacon of my affection, embedded in one of those rare metals.

I love you.”


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