#Day 283: We Called It.

With every rising sun, that sets to meet the horizon again, and the colors that merge and split to create a painting of ravishing beauty, God’s canvas is a feast for the eyes. And at the same time, it is also food for thought. There’s something about sunrises and sunsets that makes people so very philosophical. Is its beauty? Or is it just its effect?
To me, I believe the philosophical nuances in relation with sunrise/sunsets are a side effect. A side effect of viewing something as majestic as the Sun setting every dusk, only to rise again, as vibrant as ever. As wondrous as ever.
Ergo, we cannot deny the Sun its rest. After all, our One Major Beacon is the sole survival entrepreneur.

Moving on, as I am on the topic of how things end and begin again. People fall and rise again, maybe taller than before. The Big Bang Theory ( hipsters calm down, I’m talking of the ACTUAL theory) was that. I know it’s so ridden, and its so driven, but at 12 in the night, when I’m on a sugar high, and Alex Turner’s voice is playing at full volume, I can only sit down and think.

Think of broken seals, and licked envelopes.
Think of torn letters, and sent messages.

Think of toothy grins, and deep scowls,
Think of shy blushes, and stick-out-tongues.

Think of roaring winds, and gentle breeze.
Think of high tides, and waves that lick feet.

…and I think, and I think, and as the speakers shout out ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’ , I signal to my Earth self, “Well, hey, guess what, someone’s thought all of this before, right?”

They called it then.

We call it now.


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