#Day 281: A Very Short Love Story

“You love me, you said”
“I thought I did”
“And you don’t anymore?”
“I don’t think I ever did”

Sad, isn’t it?
And that’s how a very first love story ended.

No explanations, no words of comfort. Just two lines of confession and a constant rendering heartache.
A slight burning fire in the hearts of two, whose embers will continue to be lit for forever, because they never will die.
Gone are the stolen glances and shy smiles. The hidden ‘I love you’s and the random texts.

But only too soon, the tears threaten to dry up. The pain stays, but the tears leave. And just like all hope is never lost, another pair of eyes begin to look at a face that once lost love.

And so it begins again,

“I love you”
“Don’t. You don’t mean it.”
“I do. I know you’re alone, but I will love you forever”
“You mean it. Don’t you?”
“I do.”

Cheers to the love, that changed that one ‘I do’ into vows til’ death do them apart.

And forever had arrived. 


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