#Day 266: The Paradigm

What is it about midnights, sunsets, or even the ending of a  movie/book that makes me, and a couple of misfits like me, go asdfghjkl.
Being the nerd that I am, this one’s for the book people, the bibliophiles.
I believe in alternate realities, and in some world out there, these are alive

 Fred Weasley,
 Cedric Diggory,
 Severus Snape,
 Nymphadora Tonks,
 Remus Lupin,
 Albus Percieval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore,
 Lily and James Potter,
 Sirius Black,
 Beatrice Prior,
 Finnick Odair,
 Primrose Everdeen,
 Augustus Waters,
 Alaska Young,
Simon Birch


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