#Day190: 3 Ways To Woo Her.

1. Learn her by heart : Dude, you should know how much sugar she takes in her coffee, what her favourite colour/number/day/date is. You should know, off the back of your hand, how she dresses according to her mood, her obsessions, her passions, her favourite music/ movie/ book/ everything. And these are just the big things. You should know her, inside out, upside down.
2. Stick with her: You claim you love her. Prove it. Stay with her. Dream her dreams. Be what she wants. Love her when she’s dressed up and dressed down. Love her in a messy bun, love her in yoga pants. Love her in her sexiest outfit and her holey night suit. Love her when she’s mad, love her when she’s adorable. Love her when she kisses you, love her when she doesn’t want to.
3. Be original: Yes, all girls dream of Prince Charming. But you have to be her Prince Charming. Be unique, be unapologetic in your love, be magical. Be original. And be hers. Kiss her all the time. Give her forehead kisses. That’s the most adorable thing ever. Play with her. Hold her close and whisper to her. Tell her you love her when she least expects it. Give her the silliest gifts. A hand made card, a chocolate tied in a ribbon. Write to her and pour your heart out. Write her long, sweet, mushy love letters. Hold her by her waist.Make her feel special, like the only girl one the world. Rihanna said it. Be obvious in your cheesiness. Watch chick flicks with her. Click candid pictures of her. Lots of them and make her see how beautiful she is. Make her feel guilty for not loving the way you love her. Feed her with your hands. Watch horror movies with her and pull her into your chest when the scary part comes on.  Hug her from behind. Smoothen her hair down. Stroke her cheek. Look into her eyes, yabba dabba doo. Do it all. But be original. 

..and now my child, you have a girl who will love you with all heart and all her soul. Don’t hurt her. Love is all that. Giving someone the freedom to hurt you but trusting that they won’t.


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