#Day179: My Demons & I

There is a haven out there that lives beyond reality. Where mermaids and fairies dance in sync, where angels play their music, where Cupid hits both people, where there is a calm and where there is beauty. We must find this haven. We must search for a magic we know we can create.

We must escape the clutches of our demons. They’ll hold on for dear life. Because after all,  those demons are in us. The monster isn’t under the bed, its inside our heads. I can’t drown my demons, they’ve learnt how to swim. And fly and levitate. I just can’t seem to detach. 

Come, hold my hand, let’s take a walk down the road less traveled, let’s search for our demons, lets find them by that pond in the wilderness, turning every drop of water into a toxin we’d kill for. 

Come, watch how memories turn reality into fantasy. 

Let your devils take control.
But we must not forget, we search for someone whose *demons* play well with ours. Our  creator put us on this earth to accomplish something. To be someone, to be somewhere. And somehow, our demons will find us someone to get to that *somewhere* with.


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