#Day121: Filling the void.

“Blessed is the road that leads me home.
Cursed is the home that is without you.
Sacred is the walk that takes me to you.
Sacrilegious is the step that makes me believe in you.” A very sad and lonely person wrote this, yours truly.
And yes, this is my monotony. My story.
I speak today about a rough ride, a lonesome tide. LIFE.
Have you known love in life? Love is the ultimate ache. It is the knowledge and the test of the unknown. It is a paradox of time and faith. Trust and lo and behold, emotion.
Have you known emptiness? It is the epilogue to every precept. It is the void that once created cannot be filled. It is the chance of being numb that is much appreciated after hurting for too long.
Have you known me? Im the creator of my destiny. Im the dreamer of my dreams. Im you and i am me. I am the r and the parallel world.
If you’re not you but you’re you then who are you? You’re a soul without its being or a being without its soul. You’re your existence in the parallel world. You’re everyone’s impression, absent of your own identity.
” My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations” – John Green.

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