#Day86: The beginning of Beginnings.

I’m the girl you pass by and don’t turn around to look at. I’ve always been one of those girls. The overlooked ones. I care too much and am cared for too little. Once I look beyond your outer shell, I’ll never look at it again. I live for many things, though I hold very little value for my own life. Adventure. That’s my passion, you could say. A creation of nature deserves its share of life, on its own terms, is my belief. After all, isn’t this what we aim for? A belief? A should to lean back on? A constant in life?
Yes well, that is how and why we’re defined as members of society.
There’s so much to do. A life to live, a book to write, friends to make, places to go, memories waiting to be owned. Am I rambling again? Forgive me, its a bad habit. As I was saying, we are young. Pain is regular. Happiness is regular. But what’s irregular,or rare, is the realization that we are young with a long life, or short,ahead of us. Personally, I believe in ‘Live Fast. Die Young. Be Wild. Have Fun’. Lana Del Rey couldn’t have put it any better.

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