#Day 16: It’s a mirror

Society is something that we look past for very mediocre reasons.
Did we ever think of how these critical judges are maybe the reason we are shaped like we are?
In happiness and sadness, our world revolves around the art of looking out for each other and taking into account the pretentious souls that surround us. Poetic lives are dreams that fantasies that have built in us. Our brains are seeded with the thought of a judgmental society. And we can never break through this barrier, this Chinese wall.
After all, we do walk alone.
The Supreme Power, has something planned? Sure, we choose to believe that. It’s easier than building our own life with just about nothing. But when we have nothing, we have society. We have people.
And that is how, we grow into being ourselves. Because society is a polished mirror, and in it’s eyes, no one is the fairest for long. There’s always better and then best.

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