#Day 7: A New Leaf

Something’s changed
As though the morning sun
Arose a different color
The breeze seems to whisper
Little secrets to me
And what’s changed I think
Ain’t the color of the sun
Or the way the waves crash
It’s simply easily just one
What’s new now is me
Strangers smile from across
The road at me, wave and say , hey!
Can’t see the doom and gloom
Lost my way yesterday
I walked down a new route
Wrong turns and crossings
But I’ve found my home again
My heart rests and beats
To heaven, with the pain
And the angels seem to sing
A new rhythm, they
Oh, they’ve learnt my song
The people stay but I leave
Nothing will change
Only I will grow
And as moments go by
So do the memories,
Keepin’ the good ones
The sad are plain gone
And the sins and the signs
Thou shall come and go
So what’s new you say
I’ve grown with time and days
Because wounds heal
The clock ticks and time passes
But life’s reality hardly ever changes
And just like dark clouds and sun
Bring that rainbow dreamy,
The wind rustles the leaves
And the waves break on the shore
And resolute and stubborn,yet
The sands , too, wash away.


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