#Day3: The later half: This one’s a Passive SOS.

This one’s because I need help.

Blessed are those who know there is a happier haven to be sought, for in peace and satisfaction lies their joy.

At the cusp of a new week, I’m unable to see the bright side of the morning that will come. I wish time would just stop passing by, in the same way I wish I could cease to exist.
I wish for a lot of things, but actually, I just want the pain to stop.
If it makes me hurt, drives my crazy, dampens my senses, dulls my being, an existence like this, is it worth it?
We hope to find, someday, a lost paradise, or maybe an undiscovered one, where there will be happiness untainted by experience At the price of our innocence.

Drama, lies, tears.
Cheers to the teenage years.

I must say, I used to think I could get away all the hidden feelings and mediocre lies.


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